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Just For Laughs!!!
Do people who are afraid of heights get high?
If you have an affair with a midget; can you count on them to keep it on the down low?
Can Vegetarians eat Animal Crackers?
Question: Why do you "park" on a driveway, and "drive" on a parkway?
I'll warn you and say that some of the stuff on this page is corny; hey, Barry Bonds doesn't always hit Home Runs!
If you'd like, please feel free to submit your own Jokes, Pictures, Photos, etc......
If a Deaf person has to go to court, would it still be called a "hearing"?
They say money doesn't grow on trees, but yet; all banks have branches.
"Man, This is literally the best "Pussy" I ever had!!"
A 12 year old girl with the World's Longest Tongue........You know R. Kelly is trying to get her number......It says she "licked her way into the Guiness Book of World Records"........and into every man's heart....God Bless Her!!